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Cheshire Federation at the NFWI AM in Bournemouth

Cheshire Federation was very well represented at the 2019 NFWI Annual Meeting in Bournemouth on Wednesday 5th June at Bournemouth International Centre when they heard the Rt Hon Lord Bradley of Withington give an update on the Care Not Custody Campaign which was launched 10 years ago.  He was followed by Maggie Philbin OBE, broadcaster and CEO of the award winning organisation Teen Tech.  Maggie talked about her TV work, notably on Tomorrow’s World, as well as her work with young people and women in science and technology.  Both resolutions were passed:  Save the Buses with 96% in favour (for 5729: against 262) and Don’t Fear the Smear with 97% in favour (for 5788: against 194).  Please click here to see our Federation Chairman, Jean Harding’s report on the Bournemouth meeting.

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Beryl Hood Denman Bursary, Federation trip and an Update on the Saving Denman Appeal

Lyn Hand our Denman representative has news of a Beryl Hood Bursary, our Federation trip in October 2019 and an update on the Saving Denman Appeal.

The Federation is offering a bursary from the Beryl Hood bequest of £330 pounds for an open course at Denman to be used between 1st October 2019 and 30th September 2020. The winner will also receive help with travel expenses up to £50.  If you are interested please send your name and contact details to WI House, 11 White Friars,  Chester, CH1 1NZ by 13th September 2019.  And there are still a few places available for the CFWI visit to Denman from 25th to 27th October 2019 for more information click hereYou may have been unable to commit or have a space opened in your diary so if you can now join us please send your name and contact details to lynhand-den2019@outlook.com for further information

Lyn also writesAt the Denman Ambassadors Conference which I attended recently we learned about the plans the new manager has developed with his team to refurbish Denman and to make it pay its way.  Many of you have been asking about the Saving Denman Fund – it has been put in a separate account to be used for improvements to the building and facilities, not for day to day maintenance.  The plan is to spend £70,000 in each of the next 5 years and progress will be reviewed before allocating the rest of the fund.  All money sent to Denman marked for the Saving Denman Appeal has gone into that fund.  It stands at £760,000. All the plans are based on reports which had already been done on the state of the building and Health and Safety.  To ensure Denman pays for itsself new contracts have been negotiated with suppliers and cost saving practices have been implemented which include all meals being buffet style.  So why not book a course and go to see for yourself.  Or join us on the Federation trip in October.  And if you want to know more I can come to your WI to talk about Denman.’  Contact Lyn as above.



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Nantwich Dabber Dames Decorated Pear Tree

Nantwich Dabber Dames members decorated the pear tree which they planted in Nantwich Community Orchard in February 2018 as part of the Chairman’s Challenge https://cheshirewi.org.uk/centenary/nantwich-dabber-dames/, with hearts painted by WI members as part of the July 2019 Climate Coalition initiative Green Heart Drop Show the Love Campaign https://cheshirewi.org.uk/the-climate-coalition-show-the-love-campaign/   The remaining hearts, two have been presented the new Nantwich Mayor Arthur Moran and local MP Laura Smith, respectively may now be seen on display in Nantwich Civic Hall Information Centre. 

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Zip World Bethesda

In a trip organised by Fulshaw WI, twenty intrepid  Cheshire Federation members had great fun when they spent the day at  Zip World, Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda where there are two zip lines one of which, Velocity 2, is currently the fastest in the world, reaching more than 100 miles an hour at a height of 500 metres.    Here they are dressed for the part!

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Bowls Fun Day

On 11th May 2019, a bright but blustery morning, Veronica Gough writes ‘forty ladies gathered at Winnington Park (Northwich) to take part in the Fun Bowls Day. It was mainly cool but occasionally the sun broke through and all the ladies played three games. The winners were: Carole Smith from Runcorn and Ann Ward from Glazebury and Croft and the runners up were Ruth Potts from Over Alderley and Margaret Jones from Woodford . A fun day was had by all. My thanks go to Jill Bevan and Ann Clemett for organising the day and to Judith Kennedy, Lyn Worall and Ann Shakeshaft for helping.’



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County Quiz Final

Friday night 5th April at Comberbach WI  saw 20 teams competing for the first and second place trophies in the County Quiz Final.  Federation chair, Jean Harding read out the questions and she was assisted by Federation Hon Treasurer, Ann Daughtrey, and Veronica Gough Chair of the Sports and Leisure Committee along with Ann Clemett who marked the papers.  Judith Kennedy welcomed members and organised the raffle.  The quiz was pitched just right, harder than the heats but challenging enough.  Members of Comberbach WI welcomed everyone and provided refreshments after the 4th round when scores were close.   After the 8th round scores were totted up and there was a clear winner, congratulations to Helsby Hillside WI.   Joint second place went to Wallasey WI and Croft WI.   Each will hold the trophy for 6 months.  Seventeen other teams were congratulated on reaching the final.  Thanks go to the Sports and Leisure committee for organising the event – no mean feat – and for the support of  those throughout the County who read the questions and marked the papers and allowed this final to be brought to a close.  The  challenge now is for  members to brush on general knowledge and aim to win the trophy in Cheshire Federation’s centenary year, 2020!

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Spring PAL Meeting at Tarvin

On 26th March over 170 members gathered at Tarvin Community Centre for the PAL meeting ‘Our Planet, our Countryside, our Choices’.

The first speaker was Faye Sherlock from Chester Zoo whose topic was Sustainable Palm Oil.

Chester Zoo is a leader in the campaign to promote the use of Sustainable Palm Oil. Palm Oil is a necessary crop as it is used in many foods, cosmetics and cleaning products.   There is no campaign to ban it just to grow it sustainably.  It is efficient to grow as the yield of oil per hectare is much greater than that of other plant oils – eg rapeseed, olive, sunflower but the cost to the environment of growing this is immense as not only is the canopy of any plantation  dense which makes life very difficult for other creatures but also the aggressive clearing of land with no care for the existing wildlife is detrimental to species numbers.

The  Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil – RSPO  has been formed whose remit is to encourage the growing of Palm Oil which is ‘profitable for the business while not harming people or the environment’ ie sustainable.

Chester Zoo sees one of  its major roles as ‘preventing extinction’ and connected with this is the Orang Utan Conservation project.  The Zoo is a partner in ROSPA as the  critically endangered OrangUtan’s natural habitat is  in areas favourable for the growing of Palm Oil. 

Chester has become the world’s first Sustainable Palm Oil City through the inspiration of Chester Zoo (see link below).

What can we do – make sure that the food and products we buy contain Sustainable Palm Oil (SPO) (see link to the shopping link below).  Look for the RSPO logo.




The second speaker was Martin Varley the Director of Conservation at Cheshire Wildlife Trust who spoke about ‘What next for Nature’. 

He explained the role of the CWT as one of enabling wildlife to survive and thrive across the region.

We were reminded that over 50 years ago more food was needed throughout the world so pesticides and nitrate fertilisers were developed to increase food production – which they did successfully. However, at that time the cost of these to the environment were not known.  We are seeing the result today in, for example, the catastrophic reduction in the numbers of insects.  Globally  insects are declining 8 times faster than animals.

The Cheshire Wildlife Trust works to highlight the value of nature and to help nature to recover from past ravages.  Some species in Cheshire are critically endangered especially the White Clawed Crayfish and the European Eel .

The Trust is involved in issues relating to the planning system, and works closely with local landowners.  With over 1000 registered volunteers in Cheshire the community has a chance to become involved, helping people to get well through nature.  The result of our predominantly  urban existence means ‘we are getting just as sick as nature’.

 So what next ? Brexit will have an influence on our environment.  There are going to be  new Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment Bills to take us forward after Brexit .


What can we do …………… how can we change the future?  We can campaign to make sure the environment is what we want it to be – join the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and save the White Clawed Crayfish.


Members left the meeting with plenty to think about.


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NFWI Online Craft Exhibition to Celebrate Centenaries

Is your WI celebrating its Centenary or are you preparing for the Federation’s Centenary?   NFWI is hosting an online exhibition on My WI, featuring crafts created for these special events.

The exhibition gives the opportunity to share photographs of the item/s being made, the members involved in the project and of the final piece/s. We would also like to include background information about the federation or the WI and the story of why the item/s was chosen to be created.

Please send directly to:

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CFWI Trustees

Jean Harding Chairman of Cheshire Federation is delighted to announce the co-option onto the Board of Trustees of Alia el Asmar, Great Moor & District WI and Wendy Morris, Fulshaw WI.   Jean said ‘they will both be assets to the Board and Federation and the Trustees look forward to working closely with them both in the future.’

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Annual Council Meeting

The CFWI  Annual Council Meeting was held on the evening of Thursday 14th March at Northwich Memorial Centre.   Our Chairman, Jean Harding, deftly guided us through the business for the evening with news and exciting plans for the future.

The beautiful flower arrangement which decorated the Federation chairman’s desk was arranged by Ruth Smith from Crowton WI.

We were then entertained by the inspirational speaker Beth Tweddle about her long road to winning her Olympic gold medal and her experience on Dancing on Ice (including little secret about the head banger!  They are all fitted with thick pony tail which hit the ice first!!  At that speed would it give much protection 😉).  Beth answered the great questions from the floor and posed for lots of photos with members after the meeting had finished

We wish Beth all happiness and best wishes with her new baby due in 8 weeks.

Thank you to all who attended and the organisers for a very smooth evening.


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