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Resolution Vote Results

Cheshire Federation members are right on track with the rest of the country when it comes to the results of the resolutions vote.  This year’s national total is the most selections cast since the individual selection process was introduced, with over 105,000 selections cast by members.  Cheshire Federation saw a 40% increase in the number of members voting.   Thanks to all of you who got your votes in on time.

CFWI Results
2019 resolutions Selections
1 Improving plant biosecurity 377
2 Trees- improving the natural landscape 629
3 Pelvic floor education 329
4 Suffering in silence- menstrual health taboo 334
5 Decline in local buses 1081
6 Don’t fear the smear 845
Total selections received to date 3595

NFWI Results
2019 resolutions Selections
1 Improving plant biosecurity 13,010
2 Trees- improving the natural landscape 18,959
3 Pelvic floor education 8,401
4 Suffering in silence- menstrual health taboo 8,912
5 Decline in local buses 35,194
6 Don’t fear the smear 20,825
Total selections received to date 105,184

In order to allow members the opportunity to work on a breadth of issues, the NFWI Board of Trustees has decided to put forward the top two resolutions to the Annual Meeting.

Cheshire Federation will be holding two Resolution Meetings.  The first at Frodsham Community Hall in the afternoon on the 24 April and the second in the evening on the 25 April at The New Life Church, Congleton.  We hope to find expert speakers to help us discuss both issues.

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The Climate Coalition – The Show the Love Campaign

Sue Bentley MBE, Cheshire Federation’s Climate Ambassador went to London on Wednesday 13th February to  Meeting Room T, Portcullis House from 11.15am-1pm and then to Room C, 1 Parliament Street from 3-5pm to lobby MPs about supporting zero emissions by 2050 as part of her Climate Ambassador role.  More than 50 MPs came to talk to all  representatives, including those from other organisations including the WWF, the RSPB and the National Trust.  All the MPs were given a green heart and some climate change information.   Sue explains that ‘The Show The Love green heart drop in gives an opportunity for MPs to speak to local people about the impacts of climate change in their local areas and why we feel passionately about this.  The idea was for as many MPs as possible to be presented with green hearts and to have their photo taken during the day and for those from the morning session to wear their green heart badge during PMQs which started at 12pm.’  The photo is of Sue with her local MP Derek Twigg and she tells us ‘you can’t see how much my legs ache on the photo but they REALLY did!  Despite this she had a brilliant day which went very well!’  To find out more about our previous  activities please click here.

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West Kirby WI

A very warm welcome to the members of our newest WI in West Kirby who signed their constitution on Valentines Day and as one of their new members said ‘and on Valentine’s too, we must be really committed’.

100 potential new members came along for an evening of getting to know more about the WI and listening to the speaker from the West Kirby Sailing Centre.  

They already have their facebook page up and running:  West Kirby Women’s Institute is based at St Bridget’s Church Centre aiming to be part of the vibrant and creative people of West Kirby meeting on the second Thursday of the month. If you have an interest in crafts, the arts, history, baking, music, sports, and local community, West Kirby WI offers an opportunity for like minded women to share and learn in a friendly environment. We want to gain new skills and share old ones whilst giving something back to our neighbourhood.

The West Kirby WI has been set up by Louise Wood,  Lorraine Anderson and Yasmin Limbert,  a former star of the Great British Bake Off.

Louise, who is president of the WI, said she had been overwhelmed by the interest in the group.

She said: “We thought we might get a handful of people, we had no idea how popular it was going to be.

“Having been a member of the Wirral Belles WI, in Neston, for many years, I was finding the commute too much with a young family. So we got together and decided to look at setting up a group in West Kirby.

“We are now having to look for a bigger space to accommodate all the new members.”

Last night, Liz Gilliver, from Wirral Sailing Centre, was the group’s first official speaker and gave an update on the renovation of the centre and the various activities available for the community.

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Getting Your WI Online

The CFWI website is being updated soon and we are taking this opportunity to help all our WIs get online with either their own website, facebook, twitter or Instagram pages.

The WIs in our Federation are responding to a letter offering them help to get online which went out this week. Its really great news there has been lots of interest.  Notes went out to interested WIs over the weekend and Astbury WI already have their new website up and running.
It was very easy. I just followed the instructions as sent.
I set up a new email on outlook as suggested and then using it downloaded the Weebly app.
Then it was very straightforward. I copied and pasted the programme information from my programme 2019 in Word also Committee Details.
I have been careful to include only photographs taken by myself or those of inanimate objects previously shared on our Facebook page, until permissions are in place. Hence the sparse daffodils at Astbury on the green.
Also that is the reason that only my phone number appears on the contacts page. Not trying to hog the limelight but to keep other’s details safe.
I found it very easy to work within the app. So thank you for pointing me in the right direction Cheshire Federation.
Kind regards
Margaret Pearson
There is a copy of the notes mentioned on this website, which we hope will be of help to guide you on your way. 
Our task on the CFWI web editing team is to guide and support, where possible, in getting as many WI’s on social media if they wish to do so.  There are also notes on the MyWI website.
We have 126 websites, facebook pages, twitter feeds and instagram accounts amongst our WIs in Cheshire.  We look forward to seeing many more of you online.
Your own websites and social media pages will then be linked to the Federation website to help people to find out about your WI.  These are the links you can have.
If you want to ask any questions please email this address cfwiwebeditor@outlook.com
Other Websites 
Kelsall WI has had a website for a long time.
They helped Helsby Hillside build their website
Comberbach have just built their new website
Good Luck with getting online
CFWI web team
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CAS Certificate of Appreciation

Congratulations to our current Federation Chairman, Jean Harding, on her award of a Certificate of Appreciation from the Cheshire Agricultural Society (CAS) at the stewards reception on 25 January 2019.  She received the award from the Lady Patroness the Rt Hon Esther McVey MP.


The job of the Chairman of the Federation has many facets but is primarily to facilitate both the needs of its members and to liaise with the National Federation of WIs based in London.  The WI tenets of Truth, Tolerance and Justice are key to the WI administration.

Cheshire Federation is the second largest in the country with approximately 8,500 members contained in 198 WIs.  The Chairman presides over a Board of Trustees who she must rely on for their own areas of expertise and who must work as a team.  All information garnered by this team must be filtered through her and the rest of the Board.  In the case of dispute and division, hers is the deciding vote.  She is assisted in this task by the Hon. Federation Treasurer and three Vice Chairmen who form the “Officers” of the Federation.

The Chairman is also required to expedite the smooth running of the office.  In the case of Cheshire, we have three paid members of staff, one of which is the Company Secretary.

Wherever possible, the Chairman attends the meetings of all sub-committees of the Federation and has input to enable the smooth running of each committee in conjunction with its various chairmen.

Another important role for the Chairman of the Federation is as an ambassador for the WI.  This can be in the form of speaking at, and attending, outside functions to promote the work of the organisation within the larger community.  One of the primary events in Cheshire is organised by the Cheshire Agricultural Society (Royal Cheshire County Show) and her participation in all topics is a year-round commitment.

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2020 Our Centenary Year

As preparations get underway for a very special year for the Cheshire Federation of Wis in 2020 we wanted to share the information about the events with you all.  

We will keep updating the information as new details are confirmed so do please keep visiting the Centenary area of this website and read Cheshire News or ask your secretary.  We look forward to seeing your creative entries and meeting you at all the events during the Centenary Year.

We will start the year with a Celebration Concert in Chester Cathedral

There is going to be a special Calendar made from members’ photos ‘Fabulous Cheshire’, a very special Centenary Marquee at the Royal Cheshire County Show to showcase all of your considerable talents and souvenirs to buy.

We have organised Creative Challenges for you to take part in, events where you can just come along and enjoy yourself.  

Click Here For Details of the Creative Challenges 

Our Federation Chairman, Jean Harding is encouraging every WI to plant a tree to celebrate the Centenary of our Federation.

We are organising a Federation Holiday to Canada to visit Stoney Creek, the birth place of the Women’s Institute Organisation.

A variety of lots of events ~ there is something for everybody.

Further details of all the events are in the Centenary Area of this website

Some of you have already planted trees for the Chairman’s Challenge.

Send us photos and details of your celebration plans

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Winsford Salt Sisters

The first new WI of the year!. Congratulations to The Winsford Salt Sisters WI which formally opened on 8th January 2019. Meeting in Christ Church Wharton, 40 women attended the Formation Meeting, along with Pat Sharp and Helen Ebbitt (WI Advisers) and Trustees Georgina Denny, Federation vice-chairman and Norma Dent.

 Six members of The Weaver Valley WI Choir came along to lead the rousing singing of “Jerusalem” which followed the signing of The Constitution.

The Speaker was Andrew Fielding, a local Historian. Andrew talked to us about the involvement of the Brunner Family within Winsford and made special reference to Lady Elizabeth Brunner, who had been National Chairman (1951-1956) of the WI, and founded the  “Keep Britain Tidy ” group campaigning with them for 19 years. The Brunner Buildings at Denman College are named after her.

The photograph shows Sue Newton (President) and Alana Goodman (Secretary) signing the WI Constitution.

Pat Sharp WIa

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WI Christmas Celebrations

Happy Christmas from Fulshaw WI, Dutton WI, Great Moor & District WI and Frodsham WI as well as Mercia Group who all dressed up to celebrate Christmas and had great fun.  Mercia Group performed ‘Santa Saves Christmas’.  Dutton WI had an excellent entertainment involving Christmas elves and amongst others, a pilot.  Fulshaw WI had a tropical Christmas party with cocktails, swayed to a samba band, did a quiz and won hamper prizes.  Frodsham WI, which was also celebrating its 70th birthday, held a Christmas Party with the theme Christmas 1948. and traditional games like pass the parcel.  Great Moor did two quizzes whilst enjoying a buffet supper.  Their public affairs group performed ‘The Litter Pickers Lament’ and there were sketches and carols and songs performed by the Pipe Band on table 4.  Each of the seven tables was challenged to make a costume from newspaper, sellotape, a piece of string and a bin bag and the ‘Am Dram Soc’ performed a three minute ‘Snow White’.  After the raffle the 13 hampers for the local women’s refuge were put together for delivery.   And George Clooney seems to have been there too!

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The Unveiling of Emmeline Pankhurst’s Statue

On Friday Manchester unveiled its second female statue and long awaited ‘Our Emmeline’. 

Women from across the region, including women from Cheshire and Lancashire Federations, walked together to celebrate 100 years to the day when some women placed their very first vote in the ballot box on 14th December 1918 .

Of course women in the WI have been able to vote on WI issues in their institutes since 1915.  And Alia el Asmar our Resolutions Advisor says ‘Don’t forget to return the results of your vote!  You can do this by posting in your slips to WI House or by emailing the results to sec@cheshirewi.org.uk.  Results should be in by the end of January 2019.  Please do not use the email address Alia recently sent (cfwi.resolutionsadviser@gmail.com) as it is no longer working.’


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Happy Christmas To All Our Members and Friends

Jean our Federation Chairman and all the Trustees wish everyone a very happy Christmas and send you all best wishes for the New Year.

Christmas at Whitefriars

WI House closes on Friday 21st December and reopens on Thursday 3rd January

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