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Please note that for the foreseeable future all face to face events are postponed or cancelled.  Headquarters remains closed and the  staff furloughed but contact can be made via emails to the Office which will be forwarded to Jean, Federation Chairman.  WI Presidents and and Secretaries have contact details for Trustees and WI Advisers who are only too willing to help with any concerns or problems.

Please keep popping over to NEWS  and EVENTS to keep up to date with whats happening.  New FREE Federation Zoom events available for CFWI members. A report of our first Virtual Resolution Meeting can be found in NEWS.

16th September 2020 – Celebrate WI DAY – Lynne Stubbings – NFWI Chair – 16th September 2020          Melissa Green – General Secretary – 16th September 2020    WI DAY 2020 – VIdeo

4th September 2020 – Denman Update including Zoom Meeting available for members to register to discuss Denman and future plans – Denman Update – Kerri McGarvie

23rd September 202 – Denman Update 11.9.20 – Denman – Charity Commission Amendment

Update Zoom License – 4th September 2020 – Zoom License Information

Video message from Jean Harding- Federation Chairman – 18th May 2020


Video Message from Lynne Stubbings – NFWI Chair – 4th June 2020

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The Modern Voice For Women

The WI offers all kinds of opportunities to all kinds of women. We can help you to expand your horizons and make new friends, take up new interests, learn new crafts and develop new skills. The Women’s Institute is the largest voluntary organisation for women in the UK with 205,000 members in England, Wales and the Islands. Its concerns range from climate change to cooking, from crafts to community projects, from healthy eating to Fairtrade fortnights, from traditional values to new friendships.

A Message From Jean Harding, Our Chairman


Happy 105th birthday to all members as NFWI celebrated this fantastic milestone on 16th September 2020.  Long may we prosper as an organisation and go from strength to strength. NFWI are encouraging new members by offering a joining fee of £10.75 until April 2021. This is an opportunity to tell friends they can join now and become members of your WI, providing they have not been members within the past 10 years. They will be able to attend any events, virtual or otherwise, you or the Federation are holding.

I start this Update with good news, Cheshire Federation has another WI Adviser, Angela Britland who recently qualified and joins Cheshire’s hardworking team of Advisers.  Angela will be the WI Adviser to North East Cheshire Group excluding The Heatons WI.  Paula Threlfall will remain their Adviser as an Adviser cannot be attached to her own WI.  Welcome to the team Angela, I know you will be a great asset.

I hear that some WIs had been feeling under pressure to open but may I assure you there is no pressure, especially with the latest restriction of 6 people maximum meeting at any time making this impossible.  The latest ruling has put us back somewhat but hopefully things will change soon if everyone adheres to the rules which are for our safety.  If you visit the Government Website you will see that WI is specifically named as an organisation that is unable to meet under the current ruling.  As you will all appreciate rules are changing from day to day so within the next few days you will receive the latest update regarding Annual Meetings.  Please do not hesitate to contact your WI Adviser if you have any queries once you have the information.

At this time, the Federation does not have any live events on the calendar because of the number of people able to meet which means there will not be an Autumn meeting this year.  I am hopeful we can make up for this lack of events this year when we can celebrate our Centenary with many memorable days in 2021.  At this point may I remind you to take your centenary bag out with you on your travels and send your photographs to WI House or the Website.  A recent photograph shows the bag enjoying a visit to the park and enjoying the slide!

The Federation has hosted three virtual meetings with exceptionally inspirational speakers, plus our two Resolution meetings, my thanks go to trustees Alia and Wendy for sourcing these speakers and I am delighted to say there will be two speakers every month until the end of the year.  Your Secretary will have details of future speakers so please ensure all your members are aware of the meetings, they can be advertised on your WI website but please do not include the link.  These meetings are free of charge to members as the Federation meets the cost of the speakers and the zoom license.  We are looking at the possibility of further virtual events so watch this space. We are also looking at activities for those members not online as we appreciate not everyone wants to use zoom, does not have broadband or the devices to do so, please contact me if you have any suggestions for such activities.

Sadly, we have all had the information that Denman is closing but I know some of you will have attended or will be attending the virtual meetings to put forward your views on the closure.  Denman Ambassador, Zeta has asked for the following notes to be included.

“I would never have had the time, energy or resources to attend 10 Denman courses in as many weeks but this is what Denman at Home has empowered me to do.  No travel, no stress and the opportunity to extend my knowledge and both refresh old skills and learn new ones all in the comfort of my own home.

A cup of tea at hand I have learnt techniques and tips from culinary experts, tried craft which I have never sampled before, listened to a knowledgeable historian, and chilled out with an excellent yoga tutor.

For my special interest – Cookery – one can cook along or print out the recipes to use at leisure and my renewed enthusiasm has led to results well received by family.

New courses are added every week.  Take a look, I am sure there will be something to tempt you and Denman tutors are open to suggestions for courses from members for new topics/demonstrations.”

I know all committee members are working hard to keep members updated and some are continuing to hold virtual meetings.  I reiterate that the Federation web editor is only too pleased to help you arranging virtual meetings, email [email protected] if you would like help.

I have received several photographs as requested in the August Update and l am looking forward to receiving many more in the coming months.  It is lovely to see what you have been doing during lockdown.

As I said earlier, the latest lockdown rule of 6 maximum of people meeting at any one time has set us back a little but try and stay positive and think of the lovely events and get togethers you will enjoy once restrictions are lifted. We will certainly appreciate being able to mix and enjoy the company of fellow members, hopefully it will not be too long before this can happen.

As always, remember you are not on your own, you can contact me, any Trustee or your WI Adviser, we will be only too pleased to hear from you with your ideas, suggestions or to offer any help you may need. We are all in this together and will support each other. We are a Federation spread over a vast area but I value each and every member and want you to understand I really am here to help if you need it. I cannot wait until we are able to meet again and I can visit WIs throughout the Federation and meet you all.

Best wishes to you all. Stay safe and positive.


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Board of Trustees

Federation Chairman: Jean Harding

Federation Hon. Treasurer: Ann Daughtrey

Federation Vice-Chairmen: Selina Prescott, Georgina Denny, Mary Hignett.

Trustees: Norma Dent(12 months sabbatical),  Zeta Emmett, Veronica Gough, Sybil Graham, Ann Pye, Wendy Morris, Alia el Asmar, Susan Leicester