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Getting Your WI Online

The CFWI website is being updated soon and we are taking this opportunity to help all our WIs get online with either their own website, facebook, twitter or Instagram pages.

The WIs in our Federation are responding to a letter offering them help to get online which went out this week. Its really great news there has been lots of interest.  Notes went out to interested WIs over the weekend and Astbury WI already have their new website up and running.
It was very easy. I just followed the instructions as sent.
I set up a new email on outlook as suggested and then using it downloaded the Weebly app.
Then it was very straightforward. I copied and pasted the programme information from my programme 2019 in Word also Committee Details.
I have been careful to include only photographs taken by myself or those of inanimate objects previously shared on our Facebook page, until permissions are in place. Hence the sparse daffodils at Astbury on the green.
Also that is the reason that only my phone number appears on the contacts page. Not trying to hog the limelight but to keep other’s details safe.
I found it very easy to work within the app. So thank you for pointing me in the right direction Cheshire Federation.
Kind regards
Margaret Pearson
There is a copy of the notes mentioned on this website, which we hope will be of help to guide you on your way. 
Our task on the CFWI web editing team is to guide and support, where possible, in getting as many WI’s on social media if they wish to do so.  There are also notes on the MyWI website.
We have 126 websites, facebook pages, twitter feeds and instagram accounts amongst our WIs in Cheshire.  We look forward to seeing many more of you online.
Your own websites and social media pages will then be linked to the Federation website to help people to find out about your WI.  These are the links you can have.
If you want to ask any questions please email this address cfwiwebeditor@outlook.com
Other Websites 
Kelsall WI has had a website for a long time.
They helped Helsby Hillside build their website
Comberbach have just built their new website
Good Luck with getting online
CFWI web team
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