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The Next PAL Meeting will be on Wednesday 24th October 2018

The next PAL meeting will be ‘Preventing Breast Cancer’ on Wednesday 24th October from 1.30pm to 3.45pm at Frodsham Community Hall WA6 7QN presented by a specialist from The Nightingale Centre, Wythenshawe Hospital.


A Body In The River


Click here for a full report of the meeting


With Mayor of Chester

CFWI took part

Climate Change

Speak Up week of Action (click here for more information)

Our Spring PAL meeting at Tarvin was well attended to hear William Roberts talk about our climate

PALS Spring Meeting on Climate Change 

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Earth Hour


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Let us know if your WI is getting involved


PAL Meeting Tuesday February 23rd

50 PALs gathered at WI House on Tuesday morning for a workshop entitled “In a Pickle”. This was run by Dr Natalie Fey from the School of Chemistry at Bristol University.  Natalie explained to us the basic chemistry of how microbes, which are the cause of the deterioration of our food , are killed by the processes of jam making and pickling.  She put it all across with great clarity and good humour. We donned our goggles and rubber gloves and took part in a number of interesting experiments. 

The most frequent comment from members at the end of the morning was “If only I had had a Chemistry teacher like Natalie I would have been a lot more interested in chemistry”

The workshop was subsidised by NFWI  which has funded Natalie to work with Federations throughout the country.

Clean Water for Wildlife Survey

Following last years Public Affairs PAL meeting presented by the Fresh water habitats trust the Cheshire federation became a partner group of clean water for Wildlife in spring 2016.

Members who attended the meeting expressed an interest in taking part in the Clean Water for Wildlife survey. The survey will test for polluting nutrients (i.e. nitrate and phosphate) in different water bodies in the countryside, i.e. streams, ditches, ponds, lakes.  Only rivers are routinely tested for these pollutants by the Environment Agency, and there is currently a dearth of information about the water quality in smaller water bodies, which actually provide habitat for a greater variety of wildlife, and more endangered species, than rivers and lakes combined.

Volunteers will help deliver the project through testing the water quality of different water bodies in their local area (from garden ponds, to streams, ditches, rivers, etc).  The test kits are easy to use and are free.  They take just a few minutes to complete and the resulting information will form the basis of a ‘State of Freshwater’ report, and will be used as a campaigning / lobbying tool to clean up the UK’s freshwaters.

Link to their website

Wildlife needs clean, unpolluted water to survive.  Free packtest kits are available to check the water in ponds near you.  We want to encourage as many people as possible to take part in the survey.  Further information is available through the link to the website above.
If you have any questions or would like to be involved in the project please speak to Georgina.
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