Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Chairman – Georgina Denny

Georgina Denny, Vice Chairman

Georgina Denny, Vice Chairman

Georgina Denny, Chairman of Public Affairs, has been appointed a member of NF Public Affairs Committee. Please contact Georgina about any information for Resolutions and Campaigns.

Public Affairs Report 2017

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 Climate Coalition Week of Action July 2018

Little Stanney W

Little Stanney W

For more information about the WI walks please click here

Royal Cheshire Show Public Affairs Ballot Results

Here are the results for the public ballot where the public were asked to vote for which of 5 resolutions had had the most impact over the past 100 years of National WI resolutions.  In total 414 votes were cast of which 116 went to Free Family Planning and 102 to Equal pay for Equal Work.  The 5 resolutions were chosen by the Public Affairs Committee each of whom put forward several resolutions from which these were selected

Result of the public vote for the WI resolution to have had the most impact.

Result of the public vote for the WI resolution to have had the most impact.

Our Committee at the Royal Cheshire Show 2018

Members of the Public Affairs committee at the Royal Cheshire Show 2018 celebrated 100 years of National resolutions and 100 years of suffrage for some women by paying tribute to the Suffragettes.

2018 marks a special centenary as it is 100 years since The Representation of the People Act was passed i1918 which gave some women over the age of 30 the vote for the first time.

It is also 90 years since in 1928 The Equal Franchise Act was passed which gave all women the vote at the age of 21.

To mark these The Public Affairs Committee of Cheshire Federation chose 5 past National Federation of WIs mandates from the last century, which are still relevant and of interest today.

The General Public were invited to visit the Public Affairs stand at the entrance to the marquee to discuss with WI members the importance of Women’s Suffrage and how in THE PAST Women received the VOTE, how now in THE PRESENT Women have a real VOICE and how in THE FUTURE Women will continue to have a VISION.

Visitors were then asked to consider the chosen mandates and then cast their own vote – in the voting booth and authentic voting box provided – for the ONE mandate, which they thought had had the most impact on society so far!

Thank you to all of you who came along to show your support for these two special anniversaries and cast your own vote !


Waterside Walk

More information

Proposed Transformation of Specialist Mental Health Services. Have your say and check the dates for a presentation near you

Alleviating Loneliness

Spotlight on Loneliness

Walks and Mosses

Cheshire Federation organises ‘Meres and Mosses’ walk for climate change Week of Action


To mark the Climate Coalition’s ‘Speak Up Week of Action’, WIs in Cheshire Federation embarked on local nature walks to learn about the threat posed by climate change. From 1-9 July WI members hosted events, inviting their newly elected MPs to let them know how much they care about climate change.

Mosses and Meres

Runcorn WI organised a gathering at Abbots Moss where Katie, an expert from Cheshire Wildlife Trust, gave a fascinating talk. Abbots Moss is a ‘quaking’ moss, which means it is a large raft of woven sphagnum moss floating on a five-metre deep kettle hole full of water, peat and more water. The children were delighted to discover if they jumped up and down, the ground bounced under everyone’s feet! Standing still for long was not an option.

Meanwhile, two intrepid ladies from Fulshaw WI, Pauline Handley and Jean Hill, undertook a photographic study of their local moss, Lindow Moss.

Wybunbury Moss

Other activities in the federation included a group walk around Wynbubury Moss, home to a variety of wildflowers and dragonflies, and a family group visit to Burton Mere Wetlands. The wetlands are an important natural habitat as birds from the Mediterranean travel north to nest there.

Full Report

Climate Change

Speak Up Week of Action 1st to 9th July 2017

The Week of Action has been planned to allow the members of the Climate Coalition to demonstrate to our leaders in both politics and industry that people DO care, that we LOVE our planet and want them to take action to tackle climate change. If people are talking about climate change, they are going to believe we care.

More about the Week of Action

Sue Bentley is the NFWI Climate Ambassador for Cheshire.
Link to the Climate Change area of the NFWI website for Cheshire  Climate Change

Post of information  Click on this link to read more about the week of action you can get involved in

Georgina, William and Sue

Georgina, William and Sue

PALs (click here to find out more about PALs)


Green Heart
If you would like to ‘Show the Love’ in February here are some materials you might find useful
William Roberts Bristol University CC Pals
PALS meeting with William Roberts for a talk about our climate
CFWI PUBLIC AFFAIRS and PALs Link click here to download the pdf
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Public Affairs at The Cheshire Show

Amid the colourful display of bunting and banners in the W.I. marquee the Public Affairs team plotted the progress of women and the W.I. over the last hundred years. Many visitors were very interested to see the range of resolutions displayed including those which reflected the W.I.’s concern over matters such as women’s health and equal pay. It may have taken some years for funding to become available or to effect a change in the law but these issues have made a significant difference to our lives today. The “Hands On” section intrigued many people who, from a selection of pictures were asked to “Name The Decade” or Guess The Date “ of the invention of a selection of items such as the bikini, the mobile phone or the Mars bar. We thoroughly enjoyed our centenary marquee and look forward to next year.

Public Affairs Display

Public Affairs Display

‘The WI as a force for change: 100 years of campaigns’

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Public Affairs and Campaigns

Influential and well regarded, the WI has a very strong campaigning tradition. Soon after its beginnings the National Federation of WIs (NFWI) presented and voted upon its first resolution: school dinners (1926). Resolutions are researched and proposed by individual members or WIs, with the final resolution(s) chosen by a panel taken from the general membership. Prior to voting (one member one vote) members will have discussed the merits or otherwise of the resolution(s). If passed, each resolution then has a mandate and so becomes a campaign, with each campaign being followed through for several years.

Previous and current campaigns include equal pay (1942), keeping Britain tidy (1954), a ban on smoking in public places (1964), breast screening (1975), HIV and Aids (1986) and more recently the threat of hazardous chemicals in everyday products (2006), care not custody (2008), an SOS for honey bees (2009), more midwives (2012) and organ donation (2013).

In addition, the WI is engaged in initiatives that usually involve other charities and public bodies, which are followed through for several years. Recent initiatives include Women Reaching Women and Women and Climate Change.

The Public Affairs Sub-Committee of the CFWI

Cheshire Federation has an active Public Affairs sub-committee. In addition to ensuring that members are fully briefed on national resolutions it has its own resolution and campaign process. The national resolution, SOS for honey bees was originally a Cheshire resolution and other recent CFWI resolutions include banning Chinese lanterns, working fire alarms and the rights of grandparents

Membership of the sub-committee is drawn from members of the WIs within the CFWI who have a particular interest in public affairs and campaigning. Committee members represent the WI on a variety of County committees covering, amongst others, agricultural, environmental and social issues. In addition, the committee arranges regular meetings with specialist speakers. These have included topics as varied as nanotechnology, the role of women in the 21st Century, care of the elderly, drug and sleep research and mathematics.

If you have a particular interest in current and public affairs please contact the Chair of the Public Affairs Sub-Committee, Georgina Denny.

The CFWI PALs Network

Cheshire Federation is unique in having a network of members who represent WIs at meetings and then cascade information to the members of their own WI, thus keeping members up-to-date and informed about topics of particular current interest.   Although PALs receive individual invitations to meetings, all meetings arranged by CFWI may be attended by any WI member. A small charge is made for each meeting, with PALs paying slightly less.

Although we have a large PAL network it is incomplete, so if your WI has no PAL and you would like to be one please contact Georgina Denny as above.


Spring PAL meeting – Wednesday March 18th 2015

“Shale Gas and Fracking: Information not Emotion”

The purpose of the meeting was to have a speaker on Shale Gas and Fracking who could provide us with the information required for us to make informed views and opinions on this current and controversial topic and Professor Kevin Taylor, a Geoscientist from the University of Manchester School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Science did exactly that. On Wednesday March 18th over 150 PALS and members gathered to hear him.

His research is deeply rooted in geology so we came away with a sound knowledge of the type of rock in which the shale gas is captured and where the rock is found, how the gas got there, and the process of extracting it. His presentation was full of interesting facts and figures but one of the significant facts is that all we currently know about the practicalities of Shale Gas extraction (Fracking) comes from the experiences of the USA where the geology is different from that of the UK so great care should be taken when what is happening in the USA is translated to what would happen here. The difference in geology is a very significant factor.

He referred us to the website – the Department of Energy and Climate Change where there is much additional information.

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