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Cheshire Federation has several sub-committees which arrange events for members.  They comprise a Chair and WI members from across the County.  If you would like to observe a sub-committee with a view to becoming a member please contact WI House   In addition, we have a Resolutions Adviser, a Denman College Ambassador and an ACWW Representative.


Our great team of archivists is working to improve the systems within archives by developing new software and methods of working.   Trustee and Chair Dotty Dilman.  For more information contact County Archivist Beverley Langham

Craft and Art

If your WI has an exceptionally talented craft person or a great craft group, please let me know and I can showcase their work on the CFWI Craft and Art Facebook page for all WI members to enjoy.  We are always looking for talented crafters to run workshops for the Federation, again, if this is you, your craft group, someone in your WI, or your friend (presumably hiding her light under a bushel), please get in touch, details of my telephone number and email can be found in the Officers, Board of Trustees and Sub-Committee Chairmen page of the Year Book. Federation Trustee Norma Dent Crafts Co-ordinator

Home and Garden

The committee, which is responsible for the food preparation at a number of WI events, has 12 active committee members and meets 4 times a year to discuss past  present and future activities.  We aim to  arrange a variety of events (including demonstrations and outings) to appeal to members interested in flowers and gardens as well as baking and cookery.    Federation Vice-Chairman & Sub-Committee Chair is Mary Hignett (for contact details see The Year Book)

Sport and Leisure

We hold a variety of events around the County.  These include the annual quiz, darts and bowls events as well as treasure hunts, County walks, scrabble and dominoes  and a golf day.   Federation Trustee & Sub-Committee Chair Veronica Gough (for contact details see The Year Book)

Organisation and Membership

Our committee consists of WI Advisers, ordinary member who have chosen to take their membership further.  WI Advisers are trained and appointed by NFWI to work under the direction of the Federation Board of Trustees.   This is a voluntary, challenging, time consuming but very rewarding role which include forming new WIs as well as promoting existing WIs.  WI Advisers have to be able to act as communicators, counsellors and mediators to ensure that members know what is available to them and to help them get value for their subscription.   Training is in modular format (3 sessions) at Denman College and fairly arduous with preparation and follow-up work to be done, but the result is a thoroughly worthwhile experience.  If you are interested in becoming a WI Adviser or would like further information please contact Selina Prescott – Federation Vice Chairman and Sub-Comittee Chair

Public Affairs

Cheshire Federation has an active Public Affairs sub-committee.   Membership of the sub-committee is drawn from members of the WIs within the CFWI who have a particular interest in public affairs: resolutions and campaigning.  Committee members represent the WI on a variety of County committees covering, amongst others, agricultural, environmental and social issues.  In addition, the committee arranges regular meetings with specialist speakers.   These have included topics as varied as nanotechnology, the role of women in the 21st Century, care of the elderly, drug and sleep research and mathematics and more recently, recent advances in preventing and treating breast cancer.  Uniquely we also have a PALs network, members who represent WIs at meetings and then cascade information back to the members of their own WI, thus keeping members up-to-date and informed about topics of particular current interest.   All meetings arranged by Public Affairs may be attended by any WI member.  A small charge is made for each meeting, with PALs paying slightly less.  Although we have a large PAL network it is incomplete, so if your WI has no PAL and you would like to be one or you have a particular interest in current and public affairs please contact the Federation Vice-Chair and Sub-Committee Chair Georgina Denny

Website and Social Media

Our committee is made up of WI members who update our social media and website content or who take photos at Federation events.  If you would like us to promote your events or have a report to send us, please contact us via WI House by emailing

Website and social media information

Getting your WI online

Resolutions & Campaigns Adviser

Our Resolutions Adviser is Alia el Asmar who is also a member of the Public Affairs Committee.   To see the results of the Resolutions Vote please click here.  Thank you to everyone who returned their vote on time.

Influential and well regarded, the WI has a very strong campaigning tradition.  Soon after its beginnings the National Federation of WIs (NFWI) presented and voted upon its first resolution: school dinners (1926).  Resolutions are researched and proposed by individual members or WIs, with the final resolution(s) chosen by a panel taken from the general membership.  Prior to voting (one member one vote) members will have discussed the merits or otherwise of the resolution(s). If passed, each resolution then has a mandate and so becomes a campaign, with each campaign being followed through for several years.  In addition, the WI is engaged in initiatives that usually involve other charities and public bodies, which are followed through for several years. 

Denman College Ambassador

Federation Trustee Lyn Hand is our Denman Ambassador.  Lyn is very happy to talk with slides about Denman. Contact her through WI House   Denman College offers a wide variety of day and residential courses.  Set in the picturesque village of Marcham, in Oxfordshire, the Georgian mansion and 17 acres of grounds, which has been modernised to include several blocks of bedrooms in the grounds as well as teaching rooms with specialised facilities for cookery, crafts and physical activities, provides the pitch perfect atmosphere for learning.  Courses are advertised on the Denman website and in their brochure, which comes out 3 times a year and there is a Denman item in each edition of WI Life.  As well as taking part in an excellent course you will meet WI members from around the country, enjoy good food and accommodation and the beautiful gardens of Denman.  Burseries are available from Denman as well as gift vouchers while twice a year discounts are offered on some courses.   A fund has been established  for the maintenance of Denman.  You can donate online via Just Giving Donation or by sending a cheque either direct to Denman College or via WI House.

ACWW Representative

Zeta Emmett, Federation Trustee is ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World representative.

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