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Something Old – Something New (Your Jumper Needs You!)

We are delighted to congratulate Gillian Wilson of Poynton WI on taking 1st prize in the Something Old – Something New (Your Jumper Needs You!) competition organised by the National Federation.  Gillian created a beautiful sewing machine cover in the style of a small house for her daughter’s sewing machine.

Overall 58 entries were judged. The standard of work was amazing and showed so many different ways of upcycling an old jumper. The winning entries will be turned into Moodle projects and will be available early September.

Gillian said she was very surprised to win the competition, but had a lot of fun doing it! She made a cover for her daughter’s sewing machine out of an old cardigan of hers.

She had bought her 8 year old daughter a junior sewing machine for Christmas, but it came in a box and had no cover.

The original garment was a stripy cardigan and so her initial thought was to make a beach-hut.  She had to cut the cardigan up and use it like a piece of fabric, as it could not be unravelled into a continuous ball of wool. The side walls were cut from the body of the cardigan and the gable ends were made from the sleeves.

Gillian designed and crocheted the roof out of one ball of wool from her own yarn stash.  The hut on its own seemed a bit boring once made, and so she added the garden items and the hut became a garden/potting shed. The window box and flowers, flower pot and shed door were her own crochet designs. Apart from the flowers, which were crocheted from scraps of yarn that she had, all the other items were crocheted from unravelled yarn from the cardigan button band. The shed door handle is one of the buttons from the original cardigan.

There is a butterfly on the other gabled end, made out of the cardigan itself.  Gillian wound some of the cardigan into tiny balls of wool and knit the butterfly in similar stripes to the cardigan. So the effect was a quirky camouflaged butterfly sewn at an angle to the striped cardigan.

First prize was £200 in Hobbycraft vouchers which Gillian has received and is planning on spending some of the vouchers on crafts supplies for the WI sub-group ‘The Crafty Ladies’. She says they are all very pleased at Poynton WI as you can imagine!

The other winners were:

2nd Prize Ele VanSchoor – Hungerford WI, Berkshire Federation
Ele had an innovative use for her loved jumper and created a wired cat basket.

3rd Prize Barbara Evans – Kings Norton Afternoon WI, West Midlands Federation
Barbara made long tubes from her jumper and created a structured beehive sewing box.

Here are some photos of the sewing machine cover in it’s various stages of construction together with a photograph of Gillian

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