Good company, good food and a glimpse of history was the order of the day as Kingsley WI celebrated 100 years since its inauguration.

They were pleased to welcome Jean Harding (CFWI Chairman), Cath Stone (Weaver Vale Group Chairman) and Helen Ebbitt (Group Adviser).

Members and guests, having received commemorative pens, were treated to a salad meal prepared by the committee. This was made extra special, as a few smartly dressed husbands served the meal and did the washing up. So no excuses at home from them!

After the celebration cake had been cut, we heard from various members of the committee (dressed in vintage wear), about the origins of Kingsley WI, its resolutions and speakers over the years. A bonus was hearing poetry written by past members.

It was interesting to hear how the living conditions of Kingsley villagers in 1919 compared to those of today, and although it was clear how much things have changed, it was apparent that the WI is as relevant today as it was in 1919, still offering friendship, interests and a voice.

Kingsley WI, with such an enthusiastic following, may well have another centenary to celebrate in the future.

Janet Fletcher – Secretary