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Haughton Hall Garden Party


Joyce Pidduck on her engagement

Joyce Dean, nee Pidduck on her engagement

Joyce Dean

Mrs Dean’s great nephew and his wife, Philip and Becky Posnett (who inherited her home, Haughton Hall) kindly invited us to their beautiful garden to celebrate what would have been Joyce Dean’s 100th birthday.
Mrs Dean was our President for 20 years. In 1951 she cycled around the village visiting the local ladies to enquire whether they would join a W.I if she started one in Haughton. My Sister-in-Law was one of those ladies and typed the first programmes. Mrs Dean was an expert at encouraging people to volunteer!
Mrs Dean was a lovely lady for whom we had great affection and held in high esteem. She joined in our activities and I well remember her dancing the Charleston in one of our shows. She was a keen competitor in our own Craft and Produce shows, but her hand knitted bathing costume could have been an embarrassing disaster had she not had a trial run in the bath first. It stretched.
Mr and Mrs Dean were always very hospitable to our W.I so this event is a lovely tribute to her.
Eileen Allwood – Founder Member Haughton WI

A big thank you to Philip and Becky Posnett who invited the members of Cheshire Federation of WIs to spend a day in their beautiful gardens on Thursday 18th May.  1,100 members from WIs all over the county enjoyed exploring the grounds and picnics on the lawns.

Mrs Joyce Dean, Philip’s great aunt, would have been 100 this year.  She was President of Haughton WI for many years and held WI events in the grounds of Haughton Hall and spevial committee meetings in the Hall itself.

The members of Haughton and Faddiley WI and Bunbury WI had collected pictures and archives of the WI to share with members.  Mrs Anne Posnett, Joyce’s neice, came along and shared memories with members.  There was a portrait of Jyce Dean on display.

ITV chose Haughton Hall as the home for Frances Barden when they filmed Home Fires in the nearby village of Bunbury.  Julie Summers whose book ‘Jambusters’ was adapted for the series of Home Fires came along to meet members int he gardens, bringing with her pictures of the filming of the series.

Sarah Callander Beckett, the High Sheriff of Cheshire joined us for the afternoon.

The day was an ideal opportunity for supporting Denman and a huge raffle and ‘Upcycling’ of scarves and handbags attracted lots of interest to support the Denman Appeal.

The catering team laid on beautiful picnic lunches which were tremendous value and much enjoyed.

The gardeners from the Hall helped to park the cars and unload coaches and the one-way system eased the flow of traffic along the narrow lane to the Hall

Becky chose the name of the Doll – Samantha – for Samantha Bond who played Frances Barden.  She was won by a member of Macclesfield Forest and Wildboarclough WI for her daughter, Samantha.

The cake weighed over 8lbs

We spent a delightful day together exploring the grounds and chatting to members from all over the county.

Haughton Hall is a hidden Jewel and we were very privileged to have the chance to enjoy the grounds for the day

Photos of our day

There are more photos on a Pinboard on Pinterest

Members of Crowton WI

Thank you to you all for a lovely day. We loved the gardens and seeing so many WI friends. I’m sure you’re all very tired after a very busy day but thought you might enjoy a poem written by our member and poet laureate Philippa Pill

The day we went to Haughton Hall
The sun shone bright and hot
The first sign of trouble though
We’re the tickets Gill forgot!

Sitting on the lawn
In the sun drinking wine
Admiring pretty flowers
Everything was fine.

It started with a drip
We thought it would go away
Then more grey clouds came over
The rain had come to stay.

It will stop soon
We were quite sure
We played I Spy
It began to pour.

First our heads got wet
Then necks and backs
Right down to our feet
And in all the cracks!

We laughed we smiled
We tried to joke
But in the end
Our patience broke

Off to the coach
Through puddles we fled
Let’s go to Hollies
Pauline said.

How to get there?
The driver didn’t know
But Sue and her sat nav
Told them which way to go.

With scones and cake
Hot chocolate and coffee
We dried out nicely
In the cafe.

So despite the rain
And soggy feet
The day turned out
To be a treat.

Pauline Hignett, President of Neston Riverside 


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