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Autumn Council Meeting

Jean, John and Georgina

Jean, John and Georgina

The Agenda for the Day

Autumn Council Meeting

Arriving on a beautiful, sunny October morning the Trustees, WIas and sub-committee members got busy setting up ready for the last Autumn Council meeting to be held at the Lifestyle Centre in Winsford.

Hilary Totten played Jerusalem and Brenda Proudlove arranged the beautiful autumnal flower arrangements.  Jean filled her glass (with water) ready for the off.

Chairman’s Challenge

Our County Chairman, Jean Harding, launched her Centenary Challenge for 2020 when Cheshire celebrates 100 Years of the WI in the County.  Jean has asked each one of the 200 WIs in Cheshire to plant a tree for the community.  We would then leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

I am now launching my Chairman’s Challenge. As our Centenary takes place in 2020 I would like to ask every WI to plant a tree in their area, be it in the grounds of the hall they meet in or a public place in their community. If possible a plaque should be placed by the tree stating it was planted by your WI to mark Cheshire Federation’s Centenary. Imagine by 2020 Cheshire could have 200 more trees. I will look forward to receiving photographs of the planting of the trees and details of who did the planting.

I do hope WIs will take up my Challenge as it would be lovely to see so many new trees in Cheshire.

Our New WIas

Meet our new WI advisers, Cath, Viv and Pat who received their certificates and badges from Jean and look forward to going out to meetings to meet members

Our morning speakers were from the Cheshire Police Drugs Squad.  They gave an interesting talk about how they go into schools to warn about the dangers of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs and at lunchtime they talked to members.

police officers speaking to members

Our afternoon speaker was John McCarthy CBE.

John gave a moving and, at times, harrowing account of how he was held in captivity, spending five and a half years living in a 6ft by 6ft cell without a window.

John was an inspirational speaker who made all the audience think about the mental and physical traumas and dangers he had overcome.  John stayed to meet members and have photographs taken after the meeting.

There are lots of photos of the day on social media for you to look at and a pinboard on Pinterest

Report From Dutton WI

The Cheshire Federation meeting was attended by 5 members from Dutton WI. The meeting was very interesting and informative with information relating to The Royal Cheshire Show 2018. There was a talk from Cheshire Community Police about drug and alcohol use. In addition to this after lunch, John Mc Carthy CBE , The journalist, writer and broadcaster gave a very moving and humorous talk about his 5 years in captivity as a hostage. Sharing some of his experiences in numerous locations across the Lebanon in tiny cells underground, sharing the cell with Brian Keenan and for much of that time being chained by his ankles.

Autumn Council Meeting (video on YouTube)

Members at Winsford (video on YouTube)

Photos of the Day

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