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Final Denman Bursaries

Denman College

BURSARIES FOR DENMAN 2017/18   A final batch of first timer bursaries is available for the 2017/18 programme year, to be used on open residential courses taking place before 30 September 2018.

The Denman Committee thanks the donors of bursaries listed below for their support in this year’s programme.

THE BURSARIES LISTED BELOW ARE ALL FOR FIRST TIMERS – WI members who have not attended a residential course at Denman before.   Beryl Allan Bursaries Kindly donated by James Allan in memory of his late mother Beryl Allan, the following bursaries are available:

  • Five course bursaries for £300
  • Four course bursaries for £250

Freda Barnicoat Bursaries Kindly donated by John Barnicoat in memory of his late wife Freda Barnicoat, the following bursaries are available:

  • Four course bursaries for £250

HOW TO APPLY FOR BURSARIES To apply for any of the Denman bursaries detailed above, please send a short letter in support of your application to:

Karen Hodge, Finance, Denman, Marcham, Oxon, OX13 6NW or email k.hodge@denman.org.uk   In your letter or email please give the following details: •           Your full name, contact details, WI and Federation •           The name of the bursary you would like to apply for •           Confirmation that you have not visited Denman in the past •           The number and title of the course you would like to attend if your application for a bursary is successful, plus a second and third choice.

The closing date for applications is Friday 24 November 2017. Successful applicants will be contacted in writing by Friday 8 December 2017.

Regrettably it will not be possible to notify unsuccessful applicants.


  • All bursaries awarded must be used on residential open courses taking place before the end of September 2018.
  • Only one bursary may be applied for per individual.
  • A bursary cannot be awarded to anyone who has been to Denman or awarded a Denman bursary in the past three years.
  • Denman bursaries are open to WI members only, for residential open courses and cannot be applied to a course arranged via a federation or a small group booking.
  • Denman bursaries cannot be applied to courses already booked


Copyright © 2017 Denman, All rights reserved. Denman Mailing List Our mailing address is: Denman, Marcham, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX13 6NW 01865 391 991 info@denman.org.uk

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A Summer Walk Around Lindow Moss Wilmslow



As part of the Climate Coalition Week of Action Pauline Handley and Jean Hill, both members of Fulshaw WI, walked around Lindow Moss, Wilmslow taking photos and making notes as they went and discovered a beautiful and unique environment under threat.

To see their photographs and more …. continue reading

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Sale of Courses at Denman

Denman sale

It’s sale time!

Curious about what’s on offer at Denman in September and October? Then have a look below and choose a course that suits you. Then give us a call and quote PROMO0817. This offer is valid until Friday 18 August 2017.  Choose from the courses below and call us on 01865 391 991 to get 10% off!


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The Iron Maidens Feature in The Metro


But when it comes to shattering the charity’s twin set and pearls visage, few groups can compare to Iron Maidens WI in Merseyside.

On their Facebook page, the group appeals to ‘anyone with an interest in Burlesque, Vintage Lifestyle, Steampunk, Tattoos, Roller Derby’ and other offbeat tendencies to get involved.
Amidst talks from a professional dominatrix and workshops on Vikings, the group has been fundraising for local homeless shelters and attending stand up nights since 2012, not to mention that one of their committee flies the body confidence flag as a finalist in Miss Plus Size International.
But beneath their vintage polka dots and elaborate body art, the stout heart of the WI doctrine beats strongly in this edgy group.
As president, Jeannie Irving shares, ‘As a modern WI, we are embracing the values and ethos of the traditional WI in inspiring and educating women, but in our own way.’

These values of equality, education and community are summed up by the charity’s national motto, ‘Inspiring Women’.
Unlikely as it sounds, the WI has been at the forefront of social change since its inception in 1915.
Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/08/04/its-not-all-jam-making-and-knitting-how-the-womens-institute-is-breaking-the-jelly-mould-6825959/#ixzz4ombecO3i

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Huxley Cup

Brenda Proudlove
Brenda Proudlove

Brenda Proudlove

Our sincere thanks to Brenda Proudlove for representing Cheshire in the Huxley Cup at Bakewell Show this week. Brenda created her beautiful arrangement using materials supplied to the exhibitors at the show.  Quite a task. Well done from us all.

Jean Harding

This was the brief Brenda had to follow

Huxley Cup, August 2017
The Huxley Cup this year will be held in the Derbyshire Federation Marquee at the Bakewell Show (www.bakewellshow.org).
Allthe entries are available to view on Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 August at the Bakewell Showground,Bakewell, Derbyshire,DE45 1AH. To encourage entries from all abilities,this year the competition is an IMPOSED EXHIBITon a table top, where the exhibit theme are provided to each entrant on the staging day with all materials, sundries and containers. No additional flowers,foliage or accessories are permitted.
Karen Wakefield from Staffordshire Federation with her winning floral arrangement

Karen Wakefield from Staffordshire Federation with her winning floral arrangement

2nd place - Sheila Williams (Berkshire)

2nd place – Sheila Williams (Berkshire)

3rd place - Joyce Valentine (Worcestershire)

3rd place – Joyce Valentine (Worcestershire)










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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

A very successful Treasure hunt took place around Chester on the 12th of July.

75 members took part and after a welcome cup of coffee in the House they were off.

It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone commented when they came back how much they had enjoyed it and how much they had learned about Chester. The route was a very interesting one and the clues were certainly challenging. My thanks go to our Federation Chairman Jean Harding and Federation Vice Chairman Georgina Denny for serving coffee to all and washing up. Thanks to Ann Clemett from Sport and Leisure Sub Committee for acting as treasurer on the day.

My biggest Thank You is for Wendy Youd from Sport and Leisure Sub Committee who devised the Treasure Hunt( which took many hours) and for running the event so smoothly on the day.

Thank you to everyone who took part. Without you we have no event.

Veronica Gough
Chairman Sport and Leisure Sub Committee

Davenham WI sent us some photographs of their members taking part

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The Great Beeston Bake Off

Great Beeston Bake Off

and Grand Afternoon Tea

Calling all Bakers who enjoy a challenge

Great Beeston Bake Off

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Our Runcorn WI gathering  at Abbots Moss went well, there were 16 of us who turned up and Katie, our lovely expert from Cheshire Wildlife Trust gave us a fascinating talk. Walking on the Moss was a really interesting experience, Abbots Moss is a “quaking” moss which means it is a large raft of woven sphagnum moss floating on  a five metre deep kettle hole full of water, peat and more water. The children were delighted to discover if they jumped up and down, the ground bounced under everyone’s feet! Being the largest person there I was a bit unnerved to find myself slowly sinking into the Moss as crystal clear water welled up over the spagnum and  my new wellies. Standing still for long was not an option.

Two intrepid ladies from Fulshaw WI called Pauline Handley and Jean Hill have undertaken a real photographic study of their local Moss  which is called Lindow Moss. They are looking at every aspect of the place and I think we are going to get an excellent case study from them.

A small group went for a walk around Wynbubury Moss  and were enchanted by the wide variety of wildflowers there.  They also saw a lot of dragon flies enjoying the sun.

A family group went to Burton Mere Wetlands and reported back that although the wetlands themselves are not drying up , birds from The Mediterranean area are travelling North to nest here viz. the 81 egrets nests and the Cattle egret’s nest 1 of 3 in the UK this year. Photo attached of the fledgling egrets, they are the white blobs on the far left of the pond and their nests are the white blobs in the distance down the path. There was also a spoonbill overhead  which is a bird which normally stays around the Med and in Africa.

 All the competition photos will be put in an online gallery in early August for judging by Georgina Denny and Jean Harding.MMimage001

We thought we were doing these walks to highlight a fragile environment within our county that is threatened by climate change, and of course that is the case. However much more importantly, the Mosses actually act as a giant carbon sink, holding thousands of tons of carbon in the peat below the surface. Digging up the peat and putting it on our gardens, or draining the land for fir trees, would release all that carbon into our already overheated atmosphere. In Germany they have calculated that if their Mosses get destroyed it would release more carbon that the amount emitted by all their cars and lorries for a full year.

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There are details for a Twiddlemuff project for your WI on the craft area of the MOODLE.  Or click on the link below

Twiddle Sleeve guidelines

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Share Your Summer Activities with WI Life

WI Life Twitter

Summer Fun

WI Life wants to know your WI’s exciting summer plans – perhaps you’re celebrating something, planning an event or taking part in festival? Whatever it is, we’d love to know about it for a summer roundup feature in the September issue.

Please send brief details, caption info and good quality photos to wilife@nfwi.org.uk by 24 July, with the subject line ‘Summer’.

Please bear in mind that we can only reproduce good quality photographs in the magazine, so please send them in as high a resolution as possible and as individual attachments – no collages and not embedded in Word documents.

Many thanks,


Hattie Parish

Editorial Assistant, WI Life
National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI)
104 New Kings Road, London SW6 4LY
T: 020 7731 5777 ext 217

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