Zeta Emmett, ACWW representative

Zeta Emmett, ACWW representative

Associated Country Women of the World


With Consultative Status at United Nations, ACWW gives women a voice at International agencies. The organisation represents nine million women through its 450 Member Societies in over 70 countries.

Cheshire Federation work together the support ACWW across all the WIs with collections and fund raising.


Cameroon -Water as a Source of Life

Justine from Fonge Women’s group at the ACWW conference

I am very pleased to be able to give you the final report from project 0977 Cameroon -Water as a Source of Life

Fonge Women’s Group reports that they have successfully implemented this project and that 4,000 women,3,000 men and 6,000 children are directly benefitting.

The water technicians who were working on the project have confirmed that the final connections are in place and that the water source provided should be capable of providing water to the community throughout the year.

200 beneficiaries who registered for the project’s training programme have been trained in new agricultural techniques,including improved irrigation and managing a seedling nursery; they are seeing an increase in food production. The training programme has also included the preparation of crops such as cassava into ` Gari` (similar to tapioca) and the preservation of vegetables. They are selling their products in local markets and have a better income than before.

Other community groups received training in maintaining a clean  environment and personal hygiene. As a result the incidence of diseases such as typhoid and malaria has been reduced.

The Group believes that the project will be very sustainable as the knowledge from the training is being shared among the wider community. The technical committee set up to manage the project  closely followed the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan agreed between the group and ACWW at its commencement and has done an excellent job reports Fonge Women’s Group.


I attended the 28th Triennial World Conference in August and was pleased to have the opportunity to meet and share experiences with delegates representing societies from as near as Ireland and as far away as Papua New Guinea. It was particular pleasure to meet Mrs, Justine Nkwinkeh who is a member of Fonge Women’s Group in Cameroon,which benefited from Cheshire sponsorship of Project No.0977 “Water as a Source of Life”,she sends greetings and thanks to members.

Reports from ACWW representatives at the United Nations in New York and The World Health Organisation in Switzerland were particularly interesting and it was useful to have an update on the selection, administration and monitoring of projects from the chair of the projects committee Anne Marit Hovstad from Norway. Resolutions such as Food Sovereignty,The Use Of Fructose and Sustainable Energy were among those debated and passed.


We have now reached our target for Project 1,009. Thank you very much to all of you for your donations which are vital to our work

ACWW Project 1,009

Country – Kenya

Project – Lifting Socio-Economic Status of Young Mothers through Revolving Dairy Goat Farming

Cheshire Federation Pledge £1,156

The direct beneficiaries of this project will be 30 young mothers,aged between 18 and 22 years,who have at least two children each.They were selected on the basis of their vulnerability i.e. the number of children,size of income and prevalence of malnutrition among the children.

UPDATE December 2016

At the start of this project,Ufanasi Women Group carried out a baseline survey to find out about the incomes,nutrition status and agricultural outputs of the beneficiaries ,as well as details about their personal circumstances,A meeting was held to explain the proposed project activities,

UWG then held a 3-day training workshop in dairy goat farming,basic accounting,revolving loan theory and micro-credit management; this was attended by 20 young beneficiary mothers and seven members of the Project Implementation Committee (PIC)

of UWG. There was a significant problem in that the original partnerorganisation for the project.KARI Dairy Goat Improvement Centre had suddenly  relocated and so UWG identified another suitable organisation,Mabanga Farmers Centre,who were able to step in and provide the training,.

Dairy goat houses have been constructed by 15 of the beneficiaries at their homes,using local construction materials and the assistance of family members,neighbours and community women’s groups. Some took considerable time to complete the goat houses, but as beneficiaries finished constructing theirs,they offered their support to those who had not finished.

15dairy goats and one mature male were purchased via the Mabanga Farmers Centre. The Taggenburg  breed was chosen because it is well suited to the micro-climate of Kisawa district.

Dairy goat experts from Mabanga Farmers Centre and the PIC have visited the beneficiaries regularly to monitor progress and offer advice and assistance.The goats were about to give birth to kids at the time of reporting,and it is expected that the beneficiaries will use about 30% of the milk produced for their families’ needs and sell the remainder to other residents in the district.They are also able to use manure from the goats in their kitchen gardens and so boost their yield of nutritious vegetables in order to feed their families.


ACWW Project 1,010

Country Uganda

Project  Disabled Women Skills and Empowerment Project

Cheshire Federation Pledge £1,571

The aim of this project is to organise and train 50 disabled women in vocational skills,so that they will be able to earn a living and meet the needs of their dependants. Many disabled women in the project area are dangerously isolated,shut up in their families’ houses and excluded from many areas of life.Many of them have children who are similarly  isolated and lack education and social skills. These families tend to live by begging on the streets.

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control ACWW is not continuing with this project and the money which we had raised towards it has been transferred to our new project in The Phillipines.

Project 1.018

Country Leyte Province  ,The Phillipines

Project:Women’s Action Against Climate Change and Hunger

Society: Water,Agroforestry,Nutrition and Development (WAND)

Cheshire W.I. Pledge £5,807

WAND reports that there is a severe need in typhoon-affected Leyte province for a reliable water source, At present the inhabitants of Hugpa and Mahayahayn distrscts have to walk 1,5 hours downhill to fetch water in small containers and then carry the water back uphill. This task falls mainly to women.

The plan ,following a proposal from a community member,is to constuct two water harvesting tanks from concrete and iron which can withstand typhoons. These will be installed on buildings with large roofs,e.g. schools,health centres and district halls.50 latrines will be constructed for women-led families,whose members currently defecate in the open as they have no alternative.It is hoped that the beneficiaries will enjoy better health as a result of the availability of water and latrines.

Finally,200 women beneficiaries will receive training in vegetable gardening ,and use of open-pollinated vegetables( as opposed to hybrid varieties) will be an important element of this ,as it will mean that the gardeners can obtain seeds season after season.They will be taught to grow plants from seed and thus have a sustainable and cost-effective source of food.

The organisation will use trainers from the Albuera Municipality Department of Agroculture. A pre-project assessment and checklist/questionnaire will be used at intervals during the project implementation to track progress.


Please continue to collect “Pennies For Friendship “ which is always a very important  part of our efforts.Without continued support from members it would not be able to sustain the critical work it does worldwide.

When you have an amount in excess of £20 ,please send a cheque made out to “ACWW” to W,I, House  if you send it directly to ACWW in London it will not go to our Cheshire sponsored project but into a general fund..

Here are some ideas from Derbyshire ACWW should you wish to raise money.

1. Count the number of sinks and toilets at home – much of the world has no clean,safe water! For each donate 25p.

2. Measure your height . Many children in the developing world suffer from malnutrition and stunted growth.For each centimetre /inch give 5/10p.

3. Count the plug sockets in your house. Technology is a huge luxury that makes our lives easier every day. For each socket give 5p.

4. How many pairs of shoes do you have? Millions of children around the world have no choice but to go barefoot. For each pair give 20p/50p.

5, Fine yourself 50p each time your mobile or watch alarm goes off in a meeting or other social gathering !

Having had such success with the foreign coin and stamp recycling our  collection is


If you have any unwanted jewellery ,gold,,silver,costume,watches broken or intact we will be very happy to use it in our fundraising campaign.You can take it into W.I. House,Chester,give it to me when I come to give a talk to your W.I. or bring it to The Annual Council Meeting on March 7th 2017 when I will have the pirate’s chest available which was filled to the top at the autumn meeting. I have  been able to send 5 sacks away for recycling and have received  over £200.I shall be sending about 5 or 6 more in the near future.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Please contact me if you would like to have a talk on the work of ACWW in 2017/18 .

ACWW has a uniquely down to earth approach, working in partnership with its members and member societies; ACWW offers mutual support, friendship and practical help to women and communities around the world. ACWW believe that peace and progress can best be advanced by friendship and understanding through communication and working together to improve the quality of life for all people through:

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Cheshire Federation members work together to support ACWW with collections and fund raising. The Projects which have been completed are as follows:

ACWW Project 0977 Cameroon

Community Water Relief and Improvement of Community Standards

Money raised £4,658

ACWW Project 0844 Sri Lanka

Training of young rural women of Sri Lanka in small income generating enterprises.
Money raised £2,560

ACWW Project 0842 Cameroon
Dry season vegitable cultivation for pregnant women in Mafe.
Money raised £3,332

ACWW Project 0896 Cameroon
Empowerment of women and youth through capacity building for self-reliance in four communities in Cameroon.
Money raised £3,000

ACWW Project 0921 Cambodia
Rural women livelihood development.
Money raised £2,398

ACWW Project 0925 South Africa
My Name is Woman. Training women in six core activities: leadership, health, education, financial literacy, social literacy and basic business skills. The project benefitted 200,000 women.
Money raised £6,000

ACWW Project 0969 Trinidad and Tobago
A revolving loan facility for rural women farmers.
Money raised £6,000

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